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Memoirs of Japan

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One of the best parts of traveling is that it makes you realize how unaware (or wrong) you are about the world. I read a lot, like REALLY a lot and I meet new people almost every few days and so somewhere I started believing that I know the World, and the Countries, and the geographies, and all the fascinating cultures and that I’m the best. 😛
All it took was a three weeks journey to Japan for me to realize how wrong I was all along.
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My earliest memory of Japan was hearing my dad talk about Japan’s dedication, innovation, and hard work. Since I am three, my dad is working with Japanese people and he is always full of admiration of their industries and work principles. Later, as a student, I learned of Hiroshima, WW2, Japan’s impossible geography and earthquakes. Then as a curious teenager about sumos, samurai and secret lives of Geisha. And now as a Communication and Research Professional, my top of mind associations of Japan are of hierarchy, robotics, video games, depression, workaholism, population crisis, obsession with pornography and kinky sex culture. Well!! thanks to ubiquitous articles on the web.
And so I was taken by a big surprise when I landed in Japan. The country that I regarded nothing but industrial (and mechanical) turned out to be a country full of colors, culture, and festivity. For all my good luck, I landed in Japan during the matsuri (festive) months and I could attend 5 festivals in three weeks.
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In fact, my host informed me that Japan has one of the highest numbers of festivals. And with my experience, I can tell you that these festivals are nothing short of spectacular and Japan is nothing short of wonderful.
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I have almost started hating Facebook and social media and all the time it consumes. But I feel that it is my duty to show people what mainstream media ignores – the beautiful, bright and lively side of Japan.
So gear up people, it is time for Japan. 

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