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In the land of Midnight Sun

I first got to know about Arctic Circle in my Geography class when I was 12 years old. The idea of a land where the sun never sets was fascinating. I cannot remember what exactly made me so curious about this phenomenon, but I can recall myself researching about places where I can witness one. The beauty of Norway enthralled me in no time and it became number 1 on my travel bucket list.

When I was starting out to travel around the world for a year in April 2014, I crossed Scandinavia from the list. Too expensive, I thought. Two months later, when I was traveling in Poland, I realized it would be a shame to come so close to Norway and yet not see its many wonders. So I booked the train reservation and headed for Norway for few days.

Norway did not disappoint. The majestic mountains, stunning landscapes, famous fjords, stunning cities and tiny islands of wonder – there was so much to explore in Norway.

I loved every bit of my stay there. But there is something about Norway that I recall every now and then. After the end of each day, I would lay by the sea shore and relishing the sunset. Well, not exactly!!

Beautiful Sunset in Norway
Beautiful Sunset in Norway

I was lucky to be in Norway in summer months when the sun would never completely descends beneath the horizon. And all I could see was sun covering the sky in the bright orange light. Yes!! I did get a chance to see Midnight Sun! And, gosh, It was beautiful.

Midnight Sun
Shot of Midnight Sun. Clicked at 12.14 A.M.

Here are a couple of pictures of Norwegian sunsets Β to fuel your wanderlust.

sunset. Shot in Oslo, Norway miss walking shoes leena bansal travel blog
Majestic sunset. Shot in Oslo, Norway
sunset oslo norway
Sunset over city skyline
Sunset shot, Oslo
Sunset shot, Oslo

12 thoughts on “In the land of Midnight Sun

  1. The pictures are awesome, but they probably become stories by themselves when we know how the people were feeling at that time.

  2. Inspiring to see you travelling around for so long & solo..ah, the joys of solo travel can’t be expressed in words. Just curious as to how you managed to get a 1 year Schengan Visa considering they have been issuing extremely short duration Visas since 2014! It would be helpful to know.

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